Mystic's First Episode Reviewed on The AV Club

This week, Mystic's debut episode was reviewed by The AV Club. "Weird Sisters" was included in Podmass, The AV Club's weekly roundup of the best new podcasts, alongside offerings by Crooked Media and Comedy Bang Bang.

In the words of AV Club contributor Becca James:

Hosted by Bronte Mansfield, Mystic promises a concise education on modern paganism and magic traditions through untold (and, as Mansfield puts it, “often mis-told”) stories of pagans and witches pieced together using historical records, archival audio, field reporting, and interviews... Catching its stride as it goes along, Mystic finishes strong with a focus on Margot Adler’s seminal 1979 book Drawing Down The Moon, which opened the floor for a discussion about the connections between witches and feminism. If Mansfield can continue turning forward motion into true progress, Mystic will be a strong contender in the podsphere.

Read the full review here.