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Brontë Mansfield

Raised in rural Wisconsin, Brontë spent her childhood reading runes and spending her allowance on crystals at the local New Age bookstore. She has a BA in Art History & English from the University of Wisconsin Madison and an MA in Arts Journalism from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She lives in Chicago with her cat, Buffy.

photo by Mary Roll

photo by Mary Roll




Jenna Blazevich

Founder of Vichcraft Design Studio

James T. GreeN

Co-founder of Postloudness

Cate harriman

Co-founder of Feminist Literary Society

Kristi McGuire

Professor at the School of the Art Institute

Fay Nowitz

Artist & Founder of Nyxturna

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Co-founder of Paper Monument

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Co-founder of Babe Coven & Dear Darkling

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